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After longer thinking and looking through the available options, I have decided to invest 7000 EUR to platforms for P2P lending.

These are the 7 platforms and each would get 1000 EUR deposit:

Why these?

Firstly, I contacted my bank and looks like from my savings I could get 0,1% on a yearly basis. This is safe (-er) but I knew there are better options out there from my earlier experience with Mintos (will write about in later post).

Secondly, I came a cross this blog: which inspired me to invest some of my savings into P2P lending platforms. I his list I have filtered out these because: 

  • all of them have a buyback guarantee (except one);
  • exception is gaining higher interest than the average P2P lending;
  • Bondora, Crowdestor and Twino did not seem to have a good enough track record at the time.

Thirdly, during crypto madness I have invested in several initial coin offerings which have now dropped around 10x in value. I will also write about this enlightening experience in some later post. Main lesson was that this market is very risky and close to no guarantees. I will also write about my eToro demo account experience which did not yield to any profit. Trying my best to learn from errors and this led me to much moderate interest rates in P2P lending. 

Why 7000 EUR?

After setting aside some money for future real estate and costs of living, ended up with this sum. I could have started with 700 EUR, but I have gained fairly good trust reading from experiences and I should be able to handle losses if investments hit the rock bottom.

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