Choice of the first investment

As mentioned in previous post, I have 7 options to invest in now.

Would like to treat it pragmatically and see if there are any promotions currently running in them in order not to miss any extra value. E.g. entry bonus, cash back, little higher interest and so on.

Lets have a look at each one of them on as of date 29.08.2018.

PlatformAny bonus?Valid in my case?
Mintos1% to each investment within 90 daysNo, because I have already registered in 2017.
Swaper12% normally and 14% if part of Loyalty program (VIP)Extra 2% would be nice. But I could not find anywhere where it describes how to get +2%. Only place where I saw some comment is here where investment should be above 5000 EUR. So no, not valid in my case. 
Robocash1% to each investment within 90 daysYes
FastInvest1% cashback with 12 month lockupYes, if I can make the deposit within 2 days (summer offer).
Envestio5 EUR bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will get a 0,5% cash backYes
Grupeer1% cashback on some loansYes
CrowdestateCould not find any.No

During the time of investigation I have discovered yet another resource which is great for comparison and gets me thinking to reevaluate choices of platforms. Another find is German investor who posts gains in his website.

Looks like I will miss out the cashback for FastInvest, however, I value more time spent on risk assessment for choosing platforms. I can afford not to get these 10 EUR.

Next post will be about comparing today’s findings and filtering investment platforms that seems most reasonable to me.

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