How to deposit money to Mintos

Before doing transfers, please make sure that you do not have unintentional auto-investment setup in Mintos. You can do that by going to Auto Invest section. Normally, at the beginning it is empty so not anything to worry about.

Now you are ready to invest and choose Deposit/Withdraw/FX menu and select Deposit.

In the next step you are allowed to choose the currency. I have chosen EUR as the main currency I will operate in Mintos. There are other currencies available, however, personally I would not recommend doing that.


  • Vast majority of the loans in Mintos are issued in EUR
  • Due to other currency fluctuations you might lose your investment value. Usually loans in other currencies have higher interest returns, giving false impression that they are more attractive
  • The most options available to deposit are under EUR

You have the following options

1. Using Trustly

2. Using regular bank transfer

3. Using Transferwise account

Transferwise allows you to send money internationally and is one of the most popular currency exchange brokers in the world.

After doing a quick calculation, you can see that to get 1000 EUR to my Mintos account via Transferwise, I would need 7491.36 DKK.

4. Using Revolut account

This could be handy if you live out of Euro zone. Revolut gives a free Euro IBAN which you can use to save on fees when depositing to Mintos or other crowdlending platforms.

1. Firstly, you will need to register to Revolut account.

2. Secondly, you will need to do the verification for your account (passport or driver’s licence needed).

3. Thirdly, do the transfer of the needed sum from your regular bank account to the Revolut account.

5. Choosing local currency to deposit and convert to EUR in Mintos FX

In my case there is available my local DKK currency for deposits. However, I would need to use Mintos exchange to convert it to EUR and there is a fee of 5 EUR for that.

How did I do it?

Let us have a quick glance at the price level comparison for transfer of 1000 EUR.

Option 1 – 7568.76 DKK (Trustly)
Option 2 – 7491,20 DKK (Bank transfer – including fee of 20 DKK) – Cheapest
Option 3 – 7491.36 DKK (Transferwise)
Option 4 – Was not considering Revolut at the time (should be similar to Options 2, 3 and 5)
Option 5 – 7494.52 DKK (including fee 5 EUR – via Mintos currency exchange)

I have chosen a bank transfer but I strongly recommend to check what is the cheapest for you. Every EUR counts.

Firstly, I chose EUR and clicked on Bank transfer to see the details for the transfer.

Next up, I needed to login in my bank account and fill an international money transfer. 

I am using DanskeBank and funny enough it was not possible to Paste some of the details to fields of transfer form. Luckily, I could paste account number and the BIC code, rest I filled manually. Make sure to write your investor number in the given message field.

Time for deposit to arrive

Normally, it should not be more than 1-2 business days. This depends on what type of deposit option you have chosen.


  1. Hej
    Jeg bruger transferwise. Det fungere glimrende og er billigt. F.eks 500kr kostede mig 7-8kr. Så det er til at overleve 🙂

    Kenneth L. P.

    1. Hey Kenneth,

      and thank you, for the comment!

      Looks like the difference is significant on larger amounts. Currently, though it has not hurt me much because of minimal amount of transfers I have done.

      Did you invest via Transferwise already with the first time when opening the account with Mintos?

      I was uncertain that Mintos could validate my transfer from their side because of how Transferwise works – showing their account number as payee.


    2. In general, Kenneth, you are on point! One should check what is the cost for the transfer.
      In majority of cases I believe Transferwise will be the best option.

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