Configure auto-invest for Fast invest lending platform

To begin with, login into your Fast invest account. Now you can choose the right upper menu by clicking My account. Then find auto presets under auto invest section.

This will show you three pre-configured choices for your auto investment strategy. As you might have noticed, I like to see all the available options, thus we will click on Create a new.

Auto-invest portfolio window is brought up for configuration. I have used the first 100 EUR for testing allocation speed. This was filled quite fast, in 1-2 days.

Second portfolio I have set to use 900 EUR and it takes loans 
only with the highest percent 15%-16%. This portfolio got allocated throughout next 2 days (12.09 – 14.09).

In overview, you can see, both of the portfolios are filled with loans from different originators.

When comparing Fast invest auto-invest functionality and Mintos platform auto-invest configurationMintos offers far more advanced filtering for picking loans for auto-invest. Here, it looks like black box where it is not clear what type of loans will be picked up. However, potential gain as oppose to Mintos is extra 4-5%.

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