How to add funds to Fast Invest

Next up is to deposit funds to the Fast invest account. 

Firstly, click on right side top icon to fold out My funds sidebar. Choose add funds icon in transactions section.

A quick guide is displayed to show us steps for investing. We are on the second, thus click on Add funds.

I have been shown an information popup which warns about changed account for deposits. This is relevant only for those who previously had made deposit, not us.

Select the currency you want to use. Similarly, as for Mintos I would recommend choosing EUR.

Further, the bank information is shown with copy buttons on the right.

I am using Danske Bank and I used an international funds transfer where I filled the following information. Please note that Payment purpose/details with the Transfer number is important field to fill in. Purpose is for this is to link the transfer with your Fast invest account.

After approving the transfer, your money should be on your Fast invest account within 2 working days.

In my experience, I had only two hiccups.

First, I could not copy-paste the information form Fast invest website to Danske bank money transfer form. I filled it manually and double checked.

Second, I had to fill in the physical address for the company in the transfer form. Could not find it anywhere on their website, thus quick googled for it and took it from the first hit.


Funds were added to my account the same day the transfer took place – 10.09.2018.

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