Adding funds to Crowdestate platform

Once we are done with creating account for Crowdestate we can add some money to it. I decided to invest 1000 EUR and here is how.

After logging into your Crowdestate account, click on the Add funds button.

This brings an account information to which we should send the money to.

As earlier, we have to make an international funds transfer, where we specify needed information. Please remember to add the reference number to link your Crowdestate account with the bank transaction.

Again, the physical address is requested by my bank and I used the following one from Crowdestate web page:

 Müürivahe 17-2, 10140
Tallinn, Estonia

That should do the trick and in about 2 business days, the money should reach your Crowdestate account.

For me it happened on the same day, I have set the transfer to fulfill –  10.09.2018.

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