How to register for Crowdestate investment platform

Crowdestate reached second position in my review of P2P lending platforms. This is the only platform which I chose and does not offer a buyback guarantee yet, however, interest rates were too attractive to miss (around 23%). 

We begin with the landing page.

Click on Sign Up in upper right corner.

Type in your credentials.

After clicking Register! you would get a notification about account being successfully created and email sent out.

In short, find an email in your email box with activation link in it.

Use your chosen email and password to log in.

Next you would find a page where an internal account needs to be created by clicking on New Account button.

This brings up a form with fields as shown in next image. All of the fields are required.

Further, your personal account information is needed to be filled in.

To finish off, you need to verify your phone number.

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