Investing in Crowdestate projects

Crowdestate platform offers an auto-invest option, and for the most part this should be sufficient. As a novice I started with that but later ended up with balancing the investment myself.

Began with creating an auto invest portfolio.

Left it open to all options.

For general settings amount I chose minimum 100 EUR and maximum 300 EUR. 17%-10000% (: for Expected rate of return and 1-12 months as term.

Rest of settings left selected as per default and clicked Save.

Ended up with Autoinvest strategy which was active for couple of days, but funds were not picked up for the investment.

Decided to take it over myself and here is how.

First visited the Marketplace and selected loans with 10%+ with term 0-24 months and Price 0-500 EUR.

Filtering this list is important to find options which you feel satisfied with. Criteria important for me was Horizon, Price and Expected return. I chose to invest in different type of projects and below you can see the summary for them.

Let’s take one of them as an example:

I have skipped several sections and SWOT analysis, but as you can see there should be enough information to form a decision for investment and take the risk you can afford.

Currently, my investment plan says it is at 15%, let me know what is yours and if you have any comments, I would love to hear them.

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