How to deposit money to Envestio

This post will lead you through on how to deposit money to Envestio in a step by step guide.

After logging into your Envestio account, go to the My accounts click on Add funds and finally choose By bank payment

Account overview – Add funds

After doing this, there will be shown information for the international bank transfer. Similarly, as in one of previous posts create a transfer and do not forget to write your Account number in the Payment Details.

Add funds via bank payment

This gives you about 2 working days after which you can check your Envestio account.

Usually it goes smooth, but wanted to share my experience which was not the smoothest. There was a misunderstanding due to one information field which was added automatically by bank systems when I worked there.

Initially, they did not accept my transfer. As mentioned, Envestio team considered me as a company instead of as a private person.

“company IT DEVELOPER”

After I explained the situation over the mail, sent them transfer PDF from the bank’s transfer history, stating my name and address, they accepted the deposit.

Payment invoice proving that it comes from a private person (physical addresses match)

This procedure is due to their money anti-laundering policies.

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