Choosing investments for Envestio

How to find projects for investment

First, go to the Investments section in Envestio and hopefully you will find at least some active projects to invest in. Currently, it looks like investors are more active and there are not too many choices, i.e. 7 at the moment.

To see more about the investment possibility click on one of the Invest buttons on the right side of the table. I have chosen highest interest rate project which is called Fish processing for export market expansion-2.

If you are happy about the project, you can directly type in the sum you want to invest and click Invest

Before doing that, I would like to give you a further tour on what additional info you can find. When scrolling down, you will find Payment schedule which gives dates and amounts for loan repayment.

Further down you will see more detailed information about the loan. Pay attention to Loan period, Interest rate and Guarantee. Let’s follow the project page link at the bottom and see more about SIA “Senga” and their works.

Project page gives a quick overview about the company, their aims for the project and in this case exact numbers for export in EUR.

About my investments

I have split my invested of 1000 EUR into 3 projects. My main criteria at the time were Interest rate, Period, Industry. Wanted to find highest interest in shortest period and spread it across different industries.

So far it is early to say how my portfolio is doing, but I will keep you posted.

Because you can start investing from 1 EUR, yesterday, I used my 5 EUR registration bonus and accrued interest from one of the projects – 1.18 EUR for additional investment. Same way, when using this link for registration, investing 100 EUR, you would get extra 5 EUR for your disposal.

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