Setup of Twino auto-invest tool

I am always interested in minimizing time spent on platform for finding new investments manually. This is why Twino ended up on top of the comparison table at the time.

To create an auto-invest portfolio use the following menu – InvestAuto-invest portfolios.

Then click on Create portfolio which brings up similar view.

Here you can adjust settings for the auto-invest portfolio. The first field Your investment represents portfolio size. Which is useful to set if you intend to create more than one auto-invest portfolio.

Compared to Mintos auto-invest configuration this is rather limited. However, here all the default settings were good for me except Interest rate, Term and Per loan. Below you can see my three auto-invest Twino portfolios.

The only reason I have created three is because I started with too ambitious Interest rate zone for the first and the second one.

First, I set 12% to 40%, second 11% to 40%. After several days, it got just a few loans allocated. That is why I created the third one which is 10% to 40% which finally took most of the 1000 EUR I invested. This happened in around 7 days.

Sometimes might be worth waiting to get a bit of higher interest rate loans, however, margin is too little in this case and it does not compensate the waiting time.

Bonus information

I communicated with Twino team to find out more if I have set up correctly my portfolios and if there is something missing from my side. This was due to my impatience for investment to get allocated.

Here is what I got in reply:

Essentially, there is an internal queue for all the active auto-investment portfolios in Twino. Mine had not reached the top of the queue. Important note here is that if you update your auto-invest settings, you would get back at the bottom of the queue.

My suggestion is to set it right at the first time to reduce the waiting time.

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