Summary of returns in October 2018

This month turned out as expected – with much more of return. Actually, this is around 10% per year in average which I am quite satisfied with.

October of 2018 was concluded with total 51.20 EUR in interest income*.

*There is one exception for interest income. This is related to Envestio bonus program extra returns. Every beginning of month for 270 days, Envestio will bonus me with around 5 EUR (0,5% on the total sum you invest). This sum I immediately use for further investment because they allow to invest starting from 1 EUR. 
I have not received any other bonuses so I consider this is not really worth to exclude this from total sum.

To make it more appealing, wanted to convert this income into something more tangible. Something you can buy on Amazon.

Of course, I would need to pay tax, which should not be more than 40% (guesstimate after a deep-dive into Danish tax P2P examples).

This leaves me with 30 EUR (roughly 26 GBP).

In my free time I like to keep myself busy with running. This headset would be nice to have and I could get for October 2018 gains.

Or second scenario. Re-invest all this money further into P2P lending. Bingo!

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