Review of P2P lending platforms based on personal experience

Now that I have couple of months of experience with different P2P lending platforms, I gathered some feedback on them.

My initial attempt to quantify the investment priority still holds but I would like to add some bonus information from personal experiences.

I would like to rank the experience I have had so far in the following order (top being the best).

  1. Envestio
  2. Fast Invest
  3. Mintos
  4. Twino
  5. Crowdestate

I am eager to say couple of words about each one of these platforms starting from the bottom.


Overall great user experience, however, no buyback guarantee together with “locked” money paid as lump sum at the end of the project exposes to higher risk.


Again good user experience, stable income, however, if you need to compare the yields, they are not that high – around 10%.


I have used this platform for more than 2 years now and it has proven its stability. Rates have been reducing, however, given the advanced user experience I would still recommend this platform. Also, currently, rates slightly exceed Twino, thus the third place.

Fast Invest

The figures of yields speak for themselves placing it in the second place (average interest rate 14.77%). I spent little time after the auto invest strategy has been set up which is much appreciated.


First place goes to Envestio with its incredible yields. Currently, most of the projects are already funded and I am not sure whether it is be possible to sustain such high interest in the long term.

One can already see now, that there are only 2 projects available to invest in, rest have found their shareholders. I estimate that even these “unattractive” projects will be sold out during this week.

This comes to conclusion about my experience so far. To have this as an input for future investments, I created a column in P2P comparison table to reflect on my findings.

As none of them gave me bad experience I do not dare to deduct their overall score.

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