How many EUR Envestio attracts per day?

In the previous post I have estimated that Envestio will get the following projects funded during the week. It has been 1 week 4 days and I wanted to give a status on exact amounts of EUR attracted for the projects and see if my estimate was true.

Status on 13.11.2018. 

Two projects available, with total sum of 132 348.78 + 1 822.85 = 134 171.63 EUR

After 8 days – on 21.11.2018 there showed up 2 more projects:

Also during this time, the following projects got their funding:

Current status (24.11.208 – 11 days later)

There are two projects available for investment and let’s see the balance over these days.


One can see that it is nearly 33 thousand EURO per day.

For a smaller project like this (60 000 EUR) would roughly take 2 days to get funded. This could mean two things. First, shortage of projects to invest in or projects with lower rates (around 15%).

To come back to my estimate – actually I was only partly right. Envestio were able to deliver 2 new projects which attracted more attention due to their high 20% yield rates.

However, if we consider my original estimate with the daily rate: 33 000 EUR x 7 days gives us 231 000 EUR. This is roughly 100 000 EUR more than needed to cover both of the projects if no new projects were introduced.

Exciting to see how long they are going to be able to deliver these type of deals to keep up with hungry investors. 


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