Envestio running out of projects

I do not want to say I told it’s going to happen, but now it happened.

Envestio run out of projects to offer for their investors for the time being.

The last project published was: Urban mining Tier 10 for 100 000 EUR. To gather this amount of money it took less than 24 hours.

As predicted, worth to note that interest rates have dropped from 18% to 16%.

Usually, Envestio split up the total amount of project into several parts called “tiers”. Earlier, I read (Envestio section) that it is not transparent for investors because one can not know how many of these tiers are in total.

Recently I noticed that this piece of information is now available in the email update they send.

For example for the project Wind turbine farm-Tier 4 it is announced that total value is 950 000 EUR.

Let us see how much the projects have gathered so far:

Totally invested: 725 000 EUR

There should be left 950 000 – 725 000 = 225 000 EUR for one or two tiers to follow.

I double checked for another project and it looks like that information is not accurate.

For Urban mining project which has 10 tiers and 100 000 EUR for each tier, the total value is set to 600 000 EUR.

Let us wait until the next tier or project comes out and stay tuned for when it comes. Last project showed that even 100 000 EUR a day is just a snack for investors.


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