Summary of returns December 2018

This has been a year full of changes. I am positive about the new 2019 and will try to do my best to follow advancements and post details on P2P lending topic.

The last month of 2018 has been quite surprising. For the most part I need to thank you guys for reading and visiting this site. By using affiliate links found here, several people have started journey of investing in P2P lending platforms. Thank you, I am grateful, I truly am.

To be precise there were 5 people in who registered to Fast Invest and 1 for Envestio.

Here is the income table relating to different platforms for December 2018.

I am happy about the affiliate income, though the more predictable and steady stream of interest has stopped growing. Last month it was for 13.13 EUR (16%) higher than this month.

Firstly, I need to re-check the auto-invest settings for Mintos. This is due to fact that they have released new loan originators and I need to evaluate those. Even if I still want to keep the strategy for lowering the risks, maybe there could be some volume which I dedicate for higher risk and higher yields. I have seen people pulling more than 14% where mine is below 10%.

Secondly, would like to think about longer term plan for Envestio. Even though they have promised many projects coming up this year, seems like the investors are way hungrier than expected. Last project they announced was the Wind turbine farm – Tier 5 which was funded in less than 5 hours. First come, first serve is dangerous and could quickly result into unused funds.

By the way, to those who read the last post, tier 5 was exactly 225 thousand EUR as I calculated.

Happy and healthy new year to all of you!

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