Summary of returns January 2019

I am pleased to address you all with monthly summary for the first month of this year.

There is increase in yields in interest through different platforms for this month comparing to the last one (namely around 19%).

However, I can not leave out the great treat for me from you guys – the readers. Through this site 5 new users registered to Envestio, 3 to Mintos and 2 to Fast Invest during January. Thank you all!

You probably noticed that most of the affiliate links are managed by TargetCircle reference pipeline. Due to their approval process, I am not able to re-invest all of the money straight away. Because of this, I am still looking forward to receive the first payment from them. For Envestio it is easier, because money is sent directly to platform account ready for re-investment.

Interest income in EUR over time

Decided to add some extra information on historical performance. Below you can find an overview for last several months of interest returns in EUR.

Highlights of January 2019

Envestio auto-invest?

The biggest change I noticed is that Envestio managed to offer several new projects. I previously wrote about speed in which projects get funding. It is getting harder to keep up with appetite of investors. Last time I checked for biomass fuel project it took around 1h to get 245 000 EUR. Rumor has it that Envestio is planning to introduce auto-invest functionality.

Though not sure what is their plan on prioritizing who gets first in the queue.

Biggest deal for Envestio so far

Envestio team managed to get a large customer with need for 1 milion EUR.

Would be interesting to know what is covered by “other expenses”

Interest is 15% and my observation is that many investors are holding back their assets for more profitable projects. At the time of writing, 70% of 1 million EUR is already pledged. Form Envestio‘s point of view it is nice to be able to ensure that there is always at least one project to invest in throughout the whole January. Good job!

Personal Mintos auto-invest strategy update

Recently I introduced 4 new auto-invest strategies for my Mintos account with aim for higher yields. I must admit that selling loans in secondary market does not go as smooth as I expected. Below you can see the current status.

Number of loans under different strategies

For now I am satisfied with the setup and ultimately need to be patient and wait until loans hit buyback or sold, whichever comes first. Around 26 days ago had around 1100 EUR allocated to strategy with around 10% interest, and now 250 EUR from this sum is allocated for higher yields.

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