When will Envestio publish a new project?

In this post I will try to estimate when the team of Envestio will most probably publish new projects. Whenever a new project appears in Envestio, it is attracting investors on first come first serve basis.

Last year it has been an issue but 2019 seems to be promising with at least one project being available for investment throughout the January and reaching into February.

Idea is to analyze at which times projects were published and give an estimate based on historic data.

Data set

Whenever there is a new project published, investors receive an email as a notification.

I received 47 of those mails since I registered (download data set as *.xlsx). I understand that this is not a lot, however, it might be enough to give a more accurate guess.

Visual representation

Played around with Google Data Studio and got out this pivot table as heat map below.

Times are specified in Central European Time (CET)


If someone would come up to me and give this question, I would answer the following.

New project will be announced on Monday between 12 and 14 CET time.

Probability that I am right is 12% for this historical data set.

Of course one needs to broaden the span. I will could keep tuned on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays between 8 and 14. In that case I would be set for 57% of cases.


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