Summary of returns February 2019

I am excited to post return statement for February 2019. You, the readers, I want to thank first.

It is only due to your interest in P2P crowdlending and registering to different platforms why this month is so fruitful for me. During February 1 person registered to Crowdestate, 1 to Fast Invest, 4 to Envestio and 4 to Mintos platform.

Again I am truly grateful to all of you who decided to join investment journey together with me.

Even though I am happy about affiliate income, I can also see that the income from interests has stabilized around 50 EUR. This time it is 4% lower than the previous month.

Monthly interest yields over time

Here is an overview of the income over the course of my investment history.

Highlights of February 2019

Mintos strategy update

Previously, I wrote about 5 strategies for Mintos auto-investment. This is a followup to the topic because once again I needed to take an action. Auto-investment had a cash drag, leaving me with more than 100 EUR not being invested.

I updated the highlighted values (see image below). Previously, Investment in One Loan was set to 10-10 EUR and Portfolio size to 250 EUR. I set these values to 10-30 EUR and 500 EUR respectively.

At the time of writing, there is no available cash for investment which I am satisfied with. There are couple of takeaways from this.

  • If the Priority is set right (i.e., by descending Interest Rate), Portfolio Size is redundant and can be set to max portfolio size if one wishes to.

It looks like change is necessary, because when I changed this field for one of the strategies, system immediately allocated some of the residual cash. I do not understand this behavior because upper limit of 250 EUR was never reached.

  • Make sure that Investment in One Loan upper boundary is set to higher than 10 EUR. Otherwise you risk in not having enough loan agreements to invest in and end up with residual cash. Like I did.

There are still loans to be sold in secondary market for strategy no. 5 and you can see that approximately half of them are sold, reached the term or hit the buyback.

Income from Mintos this month is on lower end (below 10 EUR). Let us see how these changes reflect in this month’s income.

Hungry investors for Envestio projects

Maybe I am wrong this but I think it was no coincidence that on the 1st of March there was published a new project. Opportunity for participating in 250 000 EUR investment turned out to last for about 2 hours. When I woke up it was already fully funded.

Many of investors, including me, received their principal from Slowfood market and ended up with available money for further investments. I am hoping Monday brings us good news with high rates.

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