Envestio new project publish timing and funding speed

Previously, I wrote about how fast projects in Envestio attract funding and when do they get published.

Would like to post an update to these two things.

Firstly, I happen to witness the fastest ever funding attraction so far in Envestio.

Project with required funding of 500 000 EUR was published at 8:52 (CET) this morning. It got fully funded at 11.17 (CET). This is 2 h 25 min. I previously wrote about “how much per day”, which now seems going for “how much per hour”, i.e., 206 896 EUR.

Secondly, there were published 5 new projects since the last time I wrote.

I updated the Envestio projects publish graph so there is more complete information to help you stay tuned.

I will stay tuned Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 8 – 16

It is great to see new businesses getting funded. Especially when the project title includes “tier – 1”.

Have a great weekend all of you!

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