Summary of returns March 2019

The time has come for the summary of March 2019 to be published. Luckily it is sunny outside and the spring is just around the corner.

Last month was rewarding again thanks to your interest in investing and I would like to give my humble thank you to all of you who used the affiliate links.

When we look at the income from the P2P lending, we can see that the trend of stabilization continues.

Monthly interest yields over time

Below you can see the historic monthly overview of the interest income.

Highlights of March 2019

Mintos strategy update

The never ending saga of auto-investment strategy improvements continues. This time I chose to switch off the diversification settings for highest interest rate auto-invest strategies in Mintos.

Reasoning is that for highest interest rates there are only few loan originators. With diversification switched on, auto-investment strategy does not allow to buy more than specified percentage from particular loan originator. Before making this change it left me with couple of hundred EUR not being invested.

You can switch off or adjust the diversification settings in the edit mode of auto-investment strategy.

When comparing to the previous month you can see that there are left around 25% of loans in the lowest interest rate bracket. In the future interest should go up and it should reflect in yield-to-maturity rate.

New Envestio projects

During this month, Envestio published 11 (!) projects. The most in their history during one month. Also a record for the total sum – 3.07 million EUR. Needless to say all sold out.

Here is an updated heat map for when to expect the projects to get published.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6-14 (CET) are the most popular times


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