Winner of 25 EUR givaway

As promised, here comes the winner of 25 EUR giveaway.

There were 29 subscribers (-2 because of excluding myself and one who did not respond in 24h). This is 27 competing in total.

I have contacted the lucky winner (pint****com) and sent the prize to him.

I like your blog because is a real case of a starting small portfolio. We all have started that way. My portfolio is still small too and I think your blog is useful for beginners to not feel overwhelmed in investing world.

This is what the winner wrote back to question why he is coming here and reading the blog.

Thank you all for participation and hope you have a great weekend.

Next up 2×50 EUR raffle for Reinvest24

I will take a chance and give a reminder of ongoing raffle for 2×50 EUR if you are interested in Reinvest24 after reading my review.

All you have to do is register to Reinvest24 through any of the links in the blog and do the KYC (know your customer) procedure. There is no geographical limitation to begin with Reinvest24 and the raffle ends on 25.07.2018 23:59:59 UTC+2.


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