Mintos strategy with low risk and high yield (July 2019)

In previous posts I have discussed on advanced Mintos strategy and way of using 5 different strategies. This time I would like to keep it shorter and introduce strategy which works well for market conditions in July 2019.

After interest rates hovering around 11% some time back, Mintos is back with offering 14% and higher yielding loans and you can take advantage of that.

Log in Mintos and start with creating a new strategy.

Choose Custom strategy.

Leave Currency as EUR and Market as Primary.

In filter adjustment begin with selecting only the highest rated loan originators (A-B).

Set the Buyback guarantee to Yes.

Go to the page and select only those loan originators which have Interest income on delayed payments.

I ended up with the following loan originator filter on 13th of July 2019.

Next up go to the bottom of filters and choose interest rate above 14.5% and maximal term of 12m.

Further input details for the strategy.

Click on Save and Activate and you will see the strategy being at the bottom of your strategy list. Move it on top and enjoy!

Summary of Mintos strategy

What you get out of this Mintos strategy is:

  • Only top rated loan originators
  • High yielding interest with minimum of 14.5%.
  • Shorter term loans with maximum of 12 months. Easier to sell in weakened market conditions compared to long term loans.
  • Buyback guarantee – you get your investment back if loan payments are delayed more than 60 days.
  • Diversified portfolio across different loan originators.
  • Interest income on delayed payments which ensures that even if loan repayment is late you get your interest.


    1. Thank you, all the credit though goes to Jørgen from where I saw it first (
      Though it is first time I myself came across this and found it pretty important to share around.
      If payments are late some of loan originators (e.g. Acema, Capitalia) are charging borrowers extra daily late interest (Penalty income) which usually is higher than normal interest.
      Initially sounds good from investor perspective.
      Problem with late payments is that usually buyback hits and you will not get the late interest.
      As where “Interest payed on delayed payments” it should not be the case and you would get interest for 2 times before the buyback hits.

  1. Nice update. What about your earlier concerns regarding Latvia? You do not remove that country in your AI strategy.

    1. Thank you Ronnie, much appreciated.
      Well point here. For the others who read this (we are referring to articles,
      I did check upon status of the law. It has come into force from 01.01.2019.
      Did it affect the market during these 6.5 months? Not much.
      Media though was quite agitated. There were many counter articles from consumer rights perspective when some of politicians were trying to reverse these law changes.
      Whats more from 01.07.2019 the second part of the law change comes in force which limits the advertising of short-term credits in media. My opinion is that due to this limitation the demand should drop.
      To be realistic, seems that Mintos takes good care of loan originators which are not able to sustain their business (
      You can of course exclude loans originating from Latvia.
      Considering the absence of market change which I described above, the fact that at the moment there are no loans originating from Latvia with given filters and for keeping the described strategy as simple as possible, I chose not to do it.

      1. Thanks for the answer. Tried your AI strategy but it has hard time investing all my funds. Do you have issues getting invested?

        1. Hi Ronnie,

          thank you for reaching out. I can agree that there is some cash drag on this one. By the time I was writing it was not that bad.
          That can be solved by creating a fallback strategy (lower priority strategy). Simply create a similar one but tweak one of the parameters which you feel most comfortable with tweaking and set it as priority no. 2.
          To tweak you can either lower the interest rate, say to 13.5%, include riskier loan originators (B-), add to the term from 12m to 24m or more, or include originators which do not pay interest on delayed loans.

          I have several fallback strategies (lower priority). Next one for me is basically the same as described in this article except rate is set to minimum 14% and including loan originators that do not pay interest on delayed loans. This broadens the range of loan loan originators, thus money gets invested using this fallback strategy.

          Please let me know if this helps and let me know if you have any doubt.


    1. Thank you!

      After visiting your blog I can see you have a great diversification with ETFs and other assets. Thumbs up for that!
      When you use this strategy be extra cautious of the risk it brings. When we talk P2P it is much higher in general than index funds and similar. Safety is relative when we talk about 10% yields.
      But because you diversify with different asset classes, should not be much of a problem for you.

      Just recently P2P community of Mintos and Viventor were shaken up by news that loan originator Aforti (Poland) has financial issues. In Mintos’ case operations with these loans were frozen.

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