Summary of returns July 2019

A warm welcome to the summary of returns post where I gathered figures for the month of July 2019.

I am truly grateful for each person who participates this journey and hopefully gets inspired to start small.

For me this is the third month in a row to reach 70 EUR of returns.

For the most popular platform – Mintos the minimal amount for investing is 10 EUR. If you go for the secondary market, there is no minimal amount. So for example starting as little as 1 EUR is possible. I remember myself starting with 100 EUR and after a year got comfortable to invest more.

Highlights for July 2019

Fellow blogger & Monthly summary pages

I introduced a fellow blogger page to gather latest articles from people who you might find interesting to follow. The load time of the page is something that I am looking into.

To have a better overview of returns, you will see only the balance tables in Monthly summary page.

Reinvest24 raffle delay

In short, we need more time to validate the data about who has registered to the raffle.

During the time when the raffle was open, I was contacted by a fellow reader asking if he has done everything correct. He did it because the “Currently enrolled for the prize” found below Reinvest24 logo did not change.

After some back and forth we agreed that I will take the contact with the affiliate company and try to get to the bottom of this.

If you know that you registered, did the KYC during the raffle period, please take a look at the screenshot below.

Try to identify yourself through one of these entries for the prize. If you can not, please reach out to me in the comments below and I will get back to you. I have at least one person who is not on the list.

Hopefully next week I will be gladly able to make the winner announcement post.

Autoinvest tool for Envestio

Many of you have probably waited for this for a longer time. I know I did. The autoinvest is now released for Envestio.

You can read more about this tool on my previous post. There I present a simple configuration and dive deeper into terms and conditions to understand who gets to invest first.

With this, I conclude the monthly summary post. I hope to hear from you in comments below!

Thank you for sticking around and I hope you had a little time to enjoy the sun with those you care about.


  1. Thank you! Yes, I use Google Adsense advertising.
    It is not a lot compared to many other financial blogs.
    I tried experimenting with putting up a YouTube video ad, but performance with the same budget was awful in my case.

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