Winners of Reinvest24 2 x 50 EUR raffle

First of all I want to thank your all for your patience. The winners of the Reinvest24 raffle will be announced in this post.

The reason for delayed results is a conversion issue for one person during his registration process. It took time to investigate this and we concluded that this should be a “one off” incident. Subsequently, we included the person in the raffle. Let me take a moment to thank every part involved – all of you were very understanding.

There were totally 73 clicks on links and 5 of those clicks (including the one described above) resulted in registration and KYC conversions.

Odds for winning were incredibly high for those who got in, i.e., 2/5 = 40%.

On to the results. Tanel, the CEO from Reinvest24 did the raffle himself and here are the winners.

Winners of Reinvest24 2×50 EUR prize

Congratulations to both of Reinvest24 raffle winners! Their accounts will be credited with 50 EUR during next couple of days.

Thank you all for reading the Reinvest24 review and for taking part in this raffle. During this time there are published two new projects which you can check out here.

For those who were not that lucky

I know that it is the worst feeling when odds does not favor you. This is why I encourage you to stay tuned for the second 25 EUR raffle announcement.

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