Summary of returns August 2019

I really hope your summer months have been fruitful and you managed to get the most of them. As for me, it is the time to post the summary of returns for August 2019.

I am deeply humbly grateful for your registrations through affiliate links. This month was exceptional. I do not know reasons, however, it shows that crowdlending investing is gaining its momentum.

Most importantly I am happy that yields show greatest result so far – growing to 85.77 EUR.

Highlights for August 2019

New projects for Envestio

After a rather dry summer months of June and July with total of 2 published projects, August came with 3 projects (project 1, project 2, project 3) for Envestio. Total sum reaching 2.1 million EUR.

Raffle for Reinvest24 concluded

In case you missed the update, Reinvest24 raffle concluded and we announced two winners.

25 EUR raffle No. 2

To keep this update shorter, the raffle announcement will be in a separate post. Rules will be similar to the previous 25 EUR raffle. This is my way of thanking all of you kind readers.

Seems like autumn is going to be a fast paced season. We can already see that Envestio published a new project on 02.09.2019 which got fully funded with 800 000 EUR.

Summary of yields August 2019

Thank you for sticking with me and I wish you productive September.


  1. Hi Janis,

    I have registered in a few p2p platforms under your links although currently only have money invested on Mintos and Twino.

    Have a couple of questions for you:

    1. Some people complains about Twino’s lack of transparency (both platform and loan originators), however it seems to be working for you. Would you do a post regarding p2p platforms transparency (as in audits of the platform, audits and info available from loan originators, expected vs actual default on the loans and so on? I think that would be a very interesting analysis if someone wants to invest big sums of money).

    2. I have been in Mintos for a few months now, I follow your portfolios and was very happy with the returns, however I must say lately I have almost 33% of my total balance waiting there to be invested. Can it be that my settings are not appropiate, as in the amount I have for each portfolio is only 20% of the total, thus I am limiting my investments? Or have you or anyone else noticed this in the last few months, as in a decrease in loan availability?

    Thank you very much for all the effort and time you put into this blog, really appreciated.



    1. Hi Martin,

      first, I wanted to thank you for reaching out. This means a lot when to hear some feedback.

      1. You are spot on with the question. I tend to agree that this is a problem but this information is available if one is really digging for it. Take a look at Twino’s financial statement 2018 page 24 ( – available from Companies are listed there. I would be hesitant to invest bigger sums in Twino at the moment. Rather prefer Mintos due to your named transparency reasons. In my case I keep the Twino investment for the reason of diversification across platforms.

      2. There is a general drop in interest rates on Mintos for last few months. Simplest way about this is to “copy” the original strategy and lower the expected interest rates for it. Currently, among others I use strategy with >B+ loan originators, max 12m period and 11.5%+ interest rates. This keeps money invested.
      In general, to make sure that you do not have so called “cash drag” you need to adjust strategies once in a while. Some do not do it, especially those with long term Mogo loans. I do not favor 24m+ loans simply because I find them riskier from liquidity perspective in recession scenario.

      Regarding registering and not investing anything. You probably already know but just to emphasize also for other readers – many of platforms give cash backs. E.g. in Envestio’s case countdown of 270 day bonus starts from the day of registration ( If investing right away after registering for Envestio account, you would get 0.5% cash back from your investments paid out at the beginning of calendar month for 270 days. You could wait for registering once you accumulate sum you are comfortable investing in, thus not losing the cash back bonus.
      Campaigns of course differ from platform to platform.

      Thank you again for the comment, I appreciate you taking the time and writing.


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