How to share Mintos strategy

This post will be rather short on giving the answer on how to share a Mintos strategy for easy auto invest portfolio creation.

Most of you might already have used this, however, wanted to put it out anyways for someone who is not that familiar with the strategy setup.

Three simple steps:

  1. Create a strategy that satisfies you
  2. Copy the generated link from the browser and share it with a friend
  3. Friend logs into Mintos, opens your shared link and can immediately click on Create Auto Invest portfolio


Our aim is to create a solid strategy and share it with a friend.

1. Go to the Mintos Primary or Secondary Market by logging into your account and clicking Invest -> Primary Market or Secondary Market.

2. Select the EUR as the base currency.

3. Choose the percentage you feel comfortable with. For example 9.5% and more.

4. Pick the maturity period. Could be 1 to 12 months.

5. Set the loan Buyback Guarantee to Yes.

6. Finally use check all the loan originators you are satisfied with. In our case let us pick B+ and all above that rating.

After doing all these selections copy the link to you see in your browser link bar.

This is what we ended up in our example:[]=978&ratings[]=1&ratings[]=2&ratings[]=3&ratings[]=4&with_buyback=1&sort_field=issue_date&sort_order=DESC&max_results=100&page=1

Why this is not advertised on Mintos?

My best guess is that it is due to version changes in query itself.

If you look closer to the link, it contains a query with identifiers for different parameters. E.g. 978 corresponds to EUR.

If there are certain type of changes in parameters e.g., loan originator does not provide loans in Mintos, query can become unusable or provide undesired results.

This is why I would also advise to be cautious with sharing an older link. It is important to minimize time between sharing and using because it might not work as expected in newer versions of Mintos.

What is your opinion?

I am quite curious to know how many have tried to share strategy this way or plan to do so. Also please leave a comment if you know a better way.

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