Summary of returns September 2019

Autumn came with rainy days and I can see that majority of people are rushing back to work to their offices. Waking up and going to bed in the dark. Will need to get used to that again. But now it is time to make a summary of returns for September.

I think this is an exceptional month and mostly it is because of you! Major thank you to you all for using links for registering to different platforms!

Platform Deposited EUR Portfolio total value EUR Interest income EUR Affiliate commissions & bonuses XIRR
Twino 1000 1102.9 9.34 10.22%
Envestio 3572.09 3917.62 49.34 480.2 18.22%
Crowdestate 953.81 1055.01 30.57 38 7.05%
Fast Invest 1000 1148.43 12.47 30 14.95%
Mintos 1100.35 1234.97 13.92 149.59 12.01%
Reinvest24 100 98.04 0 -6.21%
Crowdestor 69.54
PeerBerry 10.00
Robocash 5.00
7726.25 8556.97 115.64 782.33
Expenses Total Income 897.97
Google Ads -81.44
Total Expenses -81.44
Net Income 816.53

Yields from investments reached all time high and I am truly happy to see that. What must be mentioned here is that Crowdestate payed out interests for one of the projects this month.

Highlights of September 2019

Crowdestate withdraw

I recently posted a review of Crowdestate after 1 year of actively using the platform. In summary it is about my longer term plan to withdraw the money from this platform. For the time being I see more potential in other alternatives.

This is why you can find my second entry in withdraws section – total sum of 176.19 EUR.

Mintos cash drag

Yesterday Mintos came out with a blog post which explains constant supply of loans and growing demand for investment.

I feel like this is a an official response to ongoing discussions about why one should continue with Mintos if there are not enough loans with yields investors were used to for the last couple of quarters.

A good indicator of overall yields going up or down is the Invest & Access offered percentage. Previously, you could see percentage being as high as 12%, now it is down to 8.51%.

Downtrend is quite obvious and similar drop was in 2018 around the same time of the year.


There are at least two options what we can do to reduce the cash drag.

Firstly, setup a backup strategies with lowered expected yields. These should be lower priority than the main one. You can save the time by creating a link of your original strategy, copying it and doing a slight change (strategy via link with an example).

Secondly, we could withdraw available funds and invest into another platform which you see fit better at the moment.

So far I am using the first option but if the trend does not change, it is good to have a list of alternatives.

Envestio projects

It has been some time since Envestio published so many projects in one month. Actually, throughout the whole September there was a chance to invest in at least one of the projects.

Envestio published 7 projects (including tiers) in September with total value of 4.15 Million EUR. This is about 16% of the total volume invested in Envestio since its beginning.

As usual, looking forward for more projects from them, they are sold out quite fast, so be sure to setup an auto invest.


I believe there will decrease the count of real estate development projects published due to seasonality in field of construction.

Seasonality shown in the graph of employed persons in construction industry in Denmark 2017-2019Q2 (source)

However, this should not affect other type of projects and consumer loan trends. Due to the high demand for loans to invest in, I believe interest rates will lower over time.

A kind reminder about possibility to enter the raffle of 25 EUR where deadline is the 7th of October. You can do that simply by subscribing (use the field on right if you are on computer, or scroll down if you are on mobile).

Let us keep ourselves up to date and thank you for sticking around.

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