Winner of 25 EUR giveaway No. 2

It felt like a short month and as promised, here is the winner of 25 EUR giveaway No. 2.

There were 48 subscribers (-1 because I excluded myself). This is 47 competing in total.

I contacted the lucky winner (ivan****com) and sent the prize to him.

Here is what the winner thinks about the blog:

I really enjoy your point of view, as I believe you have more transparency and you are more direct than some other blogs whose purpose is really only to generate affiliate income and referrals.

So my recommendation is to keep this up and keep providing “insider” information on crowdlending platforms, as sometimes as an investor you feel like bloggers just want the referral, instead of actually providing useful information.

The winner of 25 EUR raffle No. 2

I am greatly humbled for this feedback.

Thank you all for participation and hope you have a great week ahead & stay tuned for a new raffle announcement.

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