Selection of Viventor

In the previous post I mentioned that I will withdraw my free funds from Envestio. In this post I will discuss why I will move them to Viventor and why I selected it.

Why this change?

In Envestio I have around 1000 EUR not invested in any project. There are mainly two reasons why I would like to withdraw this money.

First, risks around new ownership and COO of Envestio. Secondly, diversifying across multiple platforms reduces risk of losing all of money at once in case it bankrupts. Currently, accumulation in Envestio is in overweight of the rest. Many thanks to Steve who also pointed this out in comments.

Portfolio diversification

How I came to selection of Viventor?

Decision comes rather natural. Because, firstly, I would like to choose a new platform for diversification reasons and, secondly, I will try to follow my own list of crowdlending comparison. This suggests me that the next up is Viventor.

This decision is supported by fact that Viventor loan originators are reviewed in ExploreP2P.

What about runner-up Grupeer?

I checked what my peers would be hinting in the survey on my blog. Seems like the chance should go to Grupeer.

However, after contacting their support, seems I am not eligible to use their service.

Both Grupeer and Viventor are registered in Latvia, so got concerned at first. Will I be able to use Viventor? After contacting Viventor support, got my concerns dismissed. It was decided – selection of Viventor it is.

Followup posts will cover “How to register for Viventor?”, “How to deposit to Viventor?” and “Setting up auto-invest for Viventor”.

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