How to register for Viventor?

This article is going to guide you through how to register for Viventor platform.

  1. Fill in the Basic Information form.
Viventor basic information
  1. Next up, you should see the Registration confirmation window directing you to your e-mail.
Registration confirmation
  1. Go to your email and click on the Confirm your e-mail link
Viventor confirmation e-mail
  1. You should end up in Personal details form which you need to fill in.
Personal details form
Questions in personal details form
  1. Lastly you will need to do Verification of documents. This could be your national ID card or your passport. Additionally, you will need to attach a utility bill from your residence address.
Viventor requested documents
  1. Finally you get a Successful registration notification window which informs you about estimated waiting time for provided information review completion.
Successful registration notification

I did registration for Viventor on working day around 3PM and I got it fully approved next day at around 9AM.

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