How to deposit to Viventor?

Here you will be able follow step by step guide on how to deposit to Viventor.

How to save money when depositing to Viventor?

Firstly, I wanted to use other service rather then my regular bank to save some money. With Viventor it is possible. See my conversation with Viventor support below.

First deposit should always be via personal bank account (minimum deposit for Viventor is 50 EUR).

After that, for the rest of the sum and in the future you can use one of the services listed:

Doing the first deposit to Viventor

  1. Login into your Viventor account and click on Deposit/Withdraw menu. Always double check the deposit details, because from my experience platforms tend to change them over time.
  1. Login into your bank account and do a 50 EUR international bank transfer
  1. Wait until you get the 50 EUR arriving to your Viventor account

For me to get to this picture actually took some back and forth with the Viventor support.

I had to go through similar explanation as in case of depositing to Envestio and Twino. I needed to provide with documentation that proves my account is a personal – not a company account. You can find more information in “How to deposit money to Envestio?” or “How to deposit to Twino?”.

All due to anti money laundering (AML) procedures which of course is a good thing.

Proceed with deposit from payment service

Use your Revolut or any other payment services mentioned above to transfer the rest of the sum to finish deposit to Viventor.

In my case I needed to transfer the rest – 950 EUR.

I had already registered to Revolut application and had activated the account. If you do not have an account, you can easily download Revolut application and follow step-by-step instructions.

Revolut benefits
Benefits of Revolut

To make the full benefits you could order a debit card. For physical debit card you would still need to pay postal fees but the virtual debit card costs nothing. It is couple of taps away in the mobile app.

Recently, I withdrew 1000 EUR to my Revolut account form Envestio for risk mitigation purposes. It cost me 0 EUR.

Once the money reaches your Revolut account you are ready to proceed with the transfer.

Deposit to Viventor through Revolut

  1. Open your Revolut application and tap on Payments and Bank transfer
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor Bank transfer
  1. Tap on Add bank account
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor Add bank account
  1. Choose to transfer To a business
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor Select account type
  1. Select country and currency
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor select country and currency
  1. Input the details form the Deposit/Withdraw Viventor window
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor input account details
  1. Input the total sum and do not forget to add a reference to your Viventor account
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor add reference and total sum
  1. Tap on Send and you are done
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor successful transfer
  1. You can verify by taping on Review payment
Revolut P2P deposit to Viventor transfer review

All done! Now you have to wait for the money to reach your Viventor account.

In my case it took about 2 working days for the 50 EUR and less than 12h for 950 EUR transfer from Revolut to reach my Viventor account.

Calculation of savings

In the scenario where I payed 950 EUR directly from my bank account:
1) Transfer of 950 EUR to my DK account. I would get 950 * 7.4601 (sell rate) = 7087.095 DKK
2) Deduct 20 DKK transaction fee for selling = 7067.095 DKK
3) Would need to transfer total of 950 EUR * 7.4862 (buy rate) = 7111.89 DKK
Saved by using Revolut: 7111.89 – 7067.095 = 44.79 DKK (5.99 EUR)

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  1. For the first deposit in Viventor I used Paysera and wasn’t a problem, all my money was in a day in my account.

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