Possibility to join legal action in Envestio’s case

This is an information about a possibility to join collaborated legal action against Envestio.

Constant flow of information is available in Telegram group called EnvestioDiscussion.

I have contacted organizers and proper way of joining the contribution is by doing the following steps.

  1. Fill in the form provided by organizers Guillermo and his wife Azucena: https://forms.gle/62DFLW7oBQ7hryV8A
  2. You will receive a link (pinned also in the Telegram group) for contribution. Please wait for the approval coming from Guillermo or Azucena.

First step is needed for them to cross-reference your contribution amount to your email address (so please use the same e-mail address when doing both steps).

Please read all descriptions carefully and do your own due diligence.

At this point I feel that this is going in a better direction rather than doing nothing, so did the contribution myself as well.

More than 800 joined the action by contributing 41 000 EUR so far (27.01.2020).

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