Why did I stop investing in FastInvest?

In the light of recent events around Kuetzal and Envestio, I decided to stop investing in FastInvest.

Many who follow blogs like Kristaps Mors, ExploreP2P, and VivaInvest, you will find some doubts about this platform.

Just to add something on top of information available in the links above, I found the following.

Borrowers originating from Denmark are in oddly similar situations. For example:

Taking random loans form the list filtered by Denmark.

FastInvest loan

4 out of 5 borrowers are having about 1700 EUR of monthly income.

Minimum salary in Denmark around 17 000 DKK before taxes. This is around 2200 EUR. Not sure what to make of this.

Secondly, in the official UK register of Fast Invest there is another company originally registered in Denmark.

UK's official register of stopped FastInvest in Denmark

However, in the Denmark’s official register of companies, there is no sign of this company (it includes also the dissolved ones).

Denmark's official register of companies - no match

My takeaway is that I am discontinuing with investing in Fast Invest. For now at least. There are other companies (Mintos, Twino, Grupeer, Viventor, PeerBerry) which choose to be more transparent. I would recommend doing the same.


  1. Hi Janis
    No problem in having a monthly income at 1700 euro, or less, in Denmark. If you are unemployed this will be the amount you get on “dagpenge” after taxes. If you have been unemployed for a long time, you will most likely get less, in some cases a lot less.
    Have you sold all your loans on Fast Invest and made a withdrawel?

      1. Hi Janis
        I am not sure what you mean by Nation?
        My german is not good enough for me to get any sense of the article. What analysis is he using, and how does it work?

        1. Hi again! By nation I meant the people of Denmark. Fast Invest does not disclose loan originators. About the analysis link. Try Google translating it. Should be enough to capture main ideas.

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