Summary of returns January 2020

Aim for this post is to give an overview of January 2020 returns and changes during the past month. Many things have happened and it is time consuming to keep oneself updated with all of latest news.

Let me show you something which I promised since the very beginning of this blog. The negative numbers. Unfortunately, I am in the same boat as more than 14 thousand others who invested in Envestio. Graph below shows interest yields from beginning of my investments until January 2020.

This month I lost 5149.87 EUR which is more than a half of my portfolio. This is a hard lesson for myself and I also feel empathy for the whole community. This image of huge plunge will be kept for future reference as a reminder for importance of due diligence and diversification.

Hereby the overall month’s performance.

Money movements

After writing about Envestio’s change in management and other concerns, I luckily withdrew 1000 EUR of accumulated returns. That money I further invested in Viventor.

Secondly, sold all loans in Fast Invest which resulted in 1121.43 EUR which is about 8.58% of XIRR since September 2018 (including lost interest when selling).

Currently, need to figure out where to invest this withdrawn money to come back to the original 5000 EUR investment. I am looking at more secured platforms most probably with real estate collateral.

Envestio’s criminal proceedings

In Envestio’s case, I strongly urge you to contact Estonian police. They reacted and are gathering evidence while at the same time there is an ongoing process of investigation.

You can contact the police directly via dedicated email address including information mentioned in the letter below.

It is a lot of work, and I still need to do most of it.

Fast invest

You probably also noticed 0 in Fast invest deposit column. This is due to the fact that I withdrew money form this platform. Everyone’s should have their own risk tolerance – mine was reached.

As the situation is right now, I strongly do not recommend Fast Invest. The three known loan originators are Capital service S. A., Kviku and eCommerce 2020. The last one is not convincing (1 employee in Copenhagen) and is just a virtual office (kontorhotel). To make things more coincidental the same street as non-existent Fast Invest Ltd.

Platforms to be cautious with

There are quite many suspicions also about other high yielding platforms. I advise to be careful with adding funds and registering to Monethera, Wisefund and Crowdestor.

I decided not to take this unnecessary risks and even more so because there are other options from the top of the comparison list.


  1. Terrible news about the Envestio, also losing half of your portfolio. I can’t even imagine what are you going through.
    Once again, I have to ask. Are the affiliate comissions and bonuses per month?
    Best wishes!

    1. Thanks, for writing Lukas.
      About affiliate commissions – those are per month.

      About Envestio – I feel good about proceedings taken up by the Estonian police. I do not want to speculate on how this will end. We have a great community which helped to push the process with hundreds if not thousands of reports being sent to the police.
      I recommend joining the group as in Telegram as I could see you have also been affected (

  2. Kudos for being honest with your losses. It sucks but it is the truth for many of us. This shows that you care about your followers and their investments. I think exiting Fastinvest will turn out to be a good thing in the end.

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