Summary of returns February 2020

February 2020 has passed and it was the rainiest month in Denmark throughout the whole history since the recordings begun in 1874. If you do not mind that, you are welcome to visit, however, let us see how it was financially and let me show you the summary of returns of February 2020.

You can see that I still received money for Fast Invest referrals. These registrations happened before I updated the Fast Invest referral link to lead to article on why I stopped investing with them. Please have a look if you have not already.

Generally, I could see the interest for investing has dropped quite significantly due to two major fraud cases. However, I am grateful to all of you who did not feel discouraged and invested through links found here.

As you can (almost) see the yield has drastically dropped to around 25 EUR. I will try to arrange the investment of 1000 EUR in EstateGuru in March 2020. Similarly as for Viventor, I will post couple of articles regards registration, initial deposit and investment strategy.

Highlights for February 2020

Monethera and Wisefund

Last week I posted an update for the comparison table where Monethera and Wisefund got 0 in their score. As it is for Monethera – they have suspended all withdrawals.


Mintos announced 2 new loan originators from Indonesia – Pinjam Yuk and Julo (+1 in March – DanaRupiah) all given B- ratings.

Also 2 new loan originators from Kazakhstan – TASCredit and GFM with B- rating (+1 in March – Swiss Capital with rating B).

Additionally now one in March from Bosnia and Herzegovina – Moneda with C+ rating.

Those are 7 new loan originators in rather short time period. If we look at ratings from ExploreP2P – highest score is 52 which was given to TASCredit – secured car loan lender. Score 52 ranks this loan originator in the in border of top 30 loan originators.

This means I will stick with my strategy for now.


I keep a close eye on projects published in EstateGuru and it looks like one opportunity is published every couple of days. With the minimal possible investment of 50 EUR per project, should take around 2 months to invest the total of planned 1000 EUR resulting in the maximum possible diversification across projects.


Thank you all for sticking around for this post. February 2020 in returns was similar to returns back in time when I just started investing September 2018.

As usual please feel free to drop a comment or thoughts on the topic in mind.

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