Discouraging news around P2P and P2B platforms

In the light of global health crisis, there are many news around different P2P and P2B platforms which I wanted to share. This information could help you in case you have no time to follow latest news.

Grupeer (critical)

Mr Roasted PeerDuck has doubts about two of the loan originators in the Grupeer.

Latest findings suggest that Monetria could be the third one.

Investors report serious delays for withdrawals.

You can keep yourself updated about newest events in the Grupeer Telagram discussion channel.

Monethera (critical)

Announced that they are stopping any activities as of today (27.03.2020). Next step is unknown. You can read their full letter to investors below.


One of the biggest loan originators by loan volume – Finko (Armenia) had its licence revoked by the Central Bank of Armenia. There is the Mintos’ explanation and the Finko’s letter. Sudden, unexpected etc. Ironically, 2% cashback and Forward Flow was advertised by recommending Finko’s loans.

As for me – 251 EUR in Finko now. Let’s see.


On 25th of March Crowdestor announced 3 months without principal or interest payments. You can follow in Telegram discussion here and Q&A with the CEO – here.

Fast Invest (reminder)

Finally, would like to add Fast Invest to this list. Given events, I would like to remind on why I have stopped investing in Fast Invest.

Something might have slipped, anything you care to share?


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