Why am I selling off? For now…

The short answer for why am I selling off is – current uncertainty. With this post I will be trying to inform you guys about what is in my mind and what I consider logical.

Bit more elaborate

Which platforms particularly?

Mintos, Viventor and Twino.

For Crowdestate does not make sense because no buyers would be found for my delayed projects without selling off with huge discount. As for Reinvest24, I have no free funds and there is no secondary market.

Will there be losses?

For now I sell for the same value I had purchased (at par value). I hope I will not need to make discounts, i.e., losing the value.

I do my best to try to stick to the rule of not invest more than I can afford to lose. However, at this point, the risk has grown above my risk tolerance levels.

You can read more about discouraging P2P and P2B events in my yesterday’s post.

When do I plan to continue investing?

This should be about in 3 months or so, when the situation has hopefully calmed down a bit. None can say for sure when this becomes more stable. Currently, it is time consuming to follow all the news and react to these developments. Markets are volatile and some will be big gainers and some will take big losses. I prefer to reduce the exposure and thus the risk.

My estimate is that I could reduce my overall investment portfolio for about 80%. I will let you know in the monthly update about the status.

What is my recommendation?

Give it a thought. You are the owner of your funds. Take the decision you are most comfortable with. I read about those who speculate – e.g. buying discounted loans and selling them with lower discounts in Mintos. Using the situation to profit. Some withdraw. Some do nothing. Be in ease with yourself for whichever decision you take.


  1. Hi Janis!

    Hope you are doing good down your end and thank you once again for your recommendations, much appreciated.

    May I ask you, is there any reason why you would recommend selling off our Twino investments?



    1. Hi Martin!

      Thank you coming by and for a good question. In short – no.
      When we talk about stats and facts they are one of the strongest.

      When evaluating the risk I broaden the perspective in relation to validating loan term extensions.

      In case the situation does not improve, this could be more wide spread.
      Some speculate government intervention (e.g. https://explorep2p.com/mintos-lender-ratings/comment-page-12/#comment-20077).

      I also want to mention that during the two days I have put Twino’s loans on sale about 30% is already sold. Compared to Mintos’ where it is only about 1%.


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