Winner of 25 EUR giveaway No. 3

This is the winner announcement post for the third 25 EUR subscriber giveaway winner.

You might have noticed that I promised to do decide the winner the latest by 24th of May. However, this is June the 1st. How come?

Answer is rather unexpected. I reached to 8 out of you all. In total around 20 mails (including reminders). Three of you replied.

  • One unfortunately replied after the 24h deadline. Hope you do not take this personal, terms are terms, by that time I already sent out mail to the next subscriber.
  • Another one of you did not have a PayPal account. After your initial reply, I did not hear from you since. Even though I wrote a couple of times. Had no choice but pick another one.
  • Lucky winner was the third who replied and I am glad it turned out to be a person who also shared feedback and his overall strategy.

Due to the experience, would love to see your suggestions on how to improve raffles?

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Here comes some words from the winner:

I value reading your blog posts since they are transparent and critical in nature, sharing honest opinion and experience.

My personal investments are in stocks, crowdfunding equity and P2P-P2B. Currently extra critical where to invest more.

Winner of 25 EUR giveaway No. 3
Winner of 25 EUR
Subscriber list

There were 101 subscribers (-1 because I excluded myself).

PayPal transaction of 25 EUR

I do thank you all for subscribing and and I hope you have a great rest of the week!

Let us keep in touch and meanwhile try to enjoy the first month of the summer as much as you can, i.e., are able to allow yourself.

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