Summary of returns June 2020

Welcome everyone to the summary of returns for June 2020. I will keep this short because you probably also try to enjoy the summer at its fullest.

Hereby the results for June 2020. As I wrote before I am in process of withdrawing from all platforms to minimize risks during this uncertain period.

Thank you all for choosing to invest using my blog as a resource.

Below the chart of interest income over time. This time it was 23.48 EUR which is higher due to Duplex apartment development half repayment from Reinvest24 and pending payments being cleared in Mintos.

Highlights for June 2020

Raffle suggestions

A great thank you all 7 readers who participated in the poll for the raffle improvement suggestions.

Your voices are heard and it looks like I am going to go for 3 most popular selected options.

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Status on my crowldending exit by end of June 2020

As I wrote in the previous monthly update, in total before starting the exit on 29th of March 2020 I had 4075.95 EUR deposited.

The current total deposit volume is 1685.17 EUR. I reduced the portfolio value by additional 517.05 EUR in June 2020 which is about 59% in total.

Here is my top of platforms for withdrawing (no change in ranking).

  1. Twino – Exited in less than 2 months.
  2. Mintos – in April 2020 sold 62.05 EUR, in May 2020 sold 33.63 EUR and in June 204.47 EUR in sales at par value.
  3. Viventor – made 1 sale on May at par value for 1.89 EUR and in June sold 2 loans of total 13.78 EUR.
  4. CrowdEstate – all late loans and not worth selling.
  5. Reinvest24 – no secondary market. Must mention that last year CEO wrote to me: “At the moment I am confident that we will be able to launch the secondary market within June, as 3 developers are working +200 hours a month to make it happen.” I am sure that evaluation of cost and benefit made a delay of a year. And counting.

Status on investing via broker

Stumbled upon this piece of video. Rather interesting cold shower about retail investing.

It is 2 hours, the main takeaway for me was that 90% of people starting via broker accounts (retail investors) are losing their deposit. Mostly because of lack of knowledge. Former professional trader emphasized the role of broker contracted educators for misguiding newcomers.

Though keep in mind he also is promoting his own education and being critical about everyone else works really well as a marketing tool.

Other than that quite entertaining to listen to because of the way he speaks.

After hearing all this, I am hesitant to deposit money before I learn more, however, I also do not want to get into what usually is called “analysis paralysis”.

Signals in P2P/P2B lending

Wanted to let you know that I receive more mails now about different affiliate promotion possibilities. Looks like the market(ing?) is recovering. That is in Europe of course.


Thank you all for joining in this status update. If you have not booked your holidays yet, hope you can and will do that some time soon. A good rest is a necessity for being productive. For those who already are in their vacation – make the most out of it! Go outdoors as much as you can and will you recharge your batteries.

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