Summary of returns July 2020

The wave of heat has hit Denmark with 30°C and above. Windows are open and having a good draft breeze saves from overheating. People are out by the beach getting tanned, however, this does not seem healthy to me at all. Seems like weather of August is trying to compensate for its predecessor July.

On to results of returns for July 2020. I am continuing the withdrawal process and slowly but staidly reducing my exposure to crowdlending.

Platform Deposited EUR Portfolio total value EUR Interest income EUR Affiliate commissions & bonuses XIRR
Twino0 36.25 0.68 12.40 9.83%
Crowdestate875.60 843.85 0 0 -1.73%
Mintos32.67 255.41 2.21 73.53 10.95%
Viventor375.99 412.33 2.52 65.00 8.54%
Reinvest2444.46 49 0 0 9.95%
1328.72 1596.84 5.41 194.93
Total Income 200.34
Google Ads -118.92
Total Expenses -118.92
Net Income 81.42

Overall it was a good month where my gratitude goes to readers who take the risk and invest during these turbulent times.

My crowdlending returns for July 2020 was just 5.21 EUR. This of course is expected because only about 250 EUR are generating some returns at the moment. The rest is in loans which are struggling to pay back (Crowdestate – various projects, Viventor – Atlantis Financiers, Mintos – Finko, Aforti).

Highlights for July 2020

Action group for “Slow Invest” platform

Unfortunately the delays of payout are too long (dating back to April 2020) and people are gathering to take action. If you want to join here is a link for telegram group:

And another one for their website:

Status on my crowdlending exit by end of July 2020 (after 4 months)

In total before starting the exit on 29th of March 2020 I had 4075.95 EUR deposited.

The current total deposit volume is 1328.72 EUR. I reduced the portfolio value by additional 356.45 EUR in July 2020 which is about 67% in total.

Here is my top of platforms for withdrawing (no change in ranking).

  1. Twino – Exited in less than 2 months.
  2. Mintos – in April 2020 sold 62.05 EUR, in May 2020 sold 33.63 EUR, in June sold 204.47 EUR and in July sold 154.17 EUR at par value.
  3. Viventor – made 1 sale on May at par value for 1.89 EUR, in June sold 2 loans of total 13.78 EUR and in July sold 2 loans for 19.63 EUR in total.
  4. CrowdEstate – all late loans and not worth selling.
  5. Reinvest24 – no secondary market (though CEO promised by June 2019).

Tax considerations when choosing an investment broker

There are benefits of using Nordnet and Saxo Investor over eToro or Degiro in Denmark. The first two will automatically report your income to the tax authority.

One will argue that this is not an issue to do your own tax, however, it adds an extra layer of complexity which would be nice if could be avoided.

Degiro as of 2nd of July 2020 did not offer an automatic reporting to Danish tax authorities.


Overall a positive month which I spent with my closest people. I hope last month was a fruitful month for you as well and if you have some comments or questions to me or others – please do share them.

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