Summary of returns September 2020

Thank you for waiting for this September 2020 update. Whenever I felt like doing this post, something else came up and I got sidetracked. For me September and most of October has been rather active time in relation to possible changes in my work life. Let us see how this turns out. However, one thing at a time and hereby the results for September 2020.

Platform Deposited EUR Portfolio total value EUR Interest income EUR Affiliate commissions & bonuses XIRR
EstateGuru752 752.07 0.07 10.50 0.10%
Twino0 20.00 0.24 11 9.83%
Crowdestate725.95 747.01 1.70 0 1.05%
Mintos0 210.24 -0.34 259.94 10.79%
Viventor340.96 384.66 3.95 68.28 8.92%
Reinvest2488.46 99.49 5.74 0 10.04%
Iuvo Group5
1907.37 2213.47 11.36 371.49
Total Income 382.85
Google Ads -213.74
Total Expenses -213.74
Net Income 169.11

Most of the people opening accounts in September 2020 put trust into Mintos which is currently undergoing substantial changes due to obtaining investment firm license and electronic money institution license. Sincere thank you to all who started their journey and continue to follow!

As for me September 2020 yielded in 11.36 EUR.

You might have noticed -0.34 EUR from Mintos in interest – not sure what is that about.

Mintos Interest by end of August 2020
Mintos Interest by end of September 2020

Highlights for September 2020

Adding funds to EstateGuru

In September I invested additional 251 EUR into 5 different projects in EstateGuru. My plan is to continue investing as I feel there are enough projects being supplied.

On a side note, another thing which I found could be improved in EstateGuru is a summary of expected interest and principal payments in a graph or a table.

Crowdestate portfolio graph of historic and expected payments
For example, Crowdestate has done a good job for visualizing future payments

Attitude towards Mintos and Viventor

As months are passing by, getting more concerned about some Mintos’ and Viventors’ loan originators. Specifically Finko and Atlantis Financiers. Let us see how it all ends up, however, please double and triple check before investing into something where you have a little information on.

As for starting point I would highly recommend ExploreP2P for Mintos loan originators and Viventor loan originators.


Second wave of COVID-19 hit most parts of the world. More restrictions to come at the end of this month here in Denmark. Interestingly enough some businesses, e.g., trading providers bloom in these conditions.

With respect to crowdlending September 2020 has been more active for me than usual. I set aside some of the withdrawn money to be invested in EstateGuru. It has longer term investment horizon, however, feels more secure to be placing money in projects with first rank mortgage being as collateral as opposed to “buyback guaranteed” loans.

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