Summary of returns October 2020

Time flies by and it is already the end of the second to last month of 2020. There are several things which happened during recent time and would like to touch upon them later. For now I will present returns of October 2020.

Platform Deposited EUR Portfolio total value EUR Interest income EUR Affiliate commissions & bonuses XIRR
EstateGuru1023.17 1023.71 0.47 22.26 0.83%
Twino0 20.19 0.18 20.51 9.83%
Crowdestate672.25 643.91 0 0 -1.39%
Mintos0 204.46 0.11 585.40 10.71%
Viventor340.96 405.18 0 25.12 12.32%
Reinvest2488.46 99.49 0.73 0 17.71%
2124.84 2396.94 1.49 703.29
Total Income 704.78
Google Ads -209.51
Raffle No. 4 -25
Total Expenses -234.51
Net Income 470.27

My humblest thank you to all who joined the crowdlending platforms last month. I must say – please be careful when selecting the loan originators in different platforms.

The yield for October 2020 is 1.49 EUR. Looking forward to get EstateGuru investment returns flowing in.

Changes in personal work life

I have signed a contract with a company and should start full time job from 1st of Dec. 2020. Personally, I feel as older I get, the less excited I am about a job offer. For me this means less time with my dearest.

Though every decision has its opportunity cost – let us see how this unfolds. There is always a plan B if things do not work out.

Recent crowdlending highlights

Various news for Mintos

Mintos crowdfunding

One of the most discussed news is the Mintos’ equity crowdfunding on Crowdcube. Today is the last day (25.11.2020) one can still participate in the campaign.

From my point of view investors have a really big trust in Mintos handling their money in economically fruitful way because more than 7 million EUR is already raised.

I did not invest in this campaign. My guess is that money will be “locked” for 3-4 year period and a lot could happen during that timeframe.

Mintos announcing investors’ money loss publicly

In one of the recent sessions of Ask Me Anything, representatives of Mintos discussed various statuses of loan originator ability to repay their debt towards investors.

On one hand it is finally showing the maturity of platform when openly discussing losses. On the other hand there are so many loan originators in trouble that even Mintos themselves have to put a lot of effort to keep track of this.

Even though I have always tried to be on the conservative side, my Finko investments in Armenia potentially could be recovered only by Dec 2022.

My personal Mintos investments in recovery by the end of November 2020
Estimates for recoveries from Mintos by end of October 2020 (

For me the situation is clear. 16% of loans outstanding are defaulted. As it is now, I sleep better with mortgage backed loan portfolio.

Continuing to add funds to EstateGuru

In October 2020 I deposited additional 271.17 EUR in EstateGuru. Eventually I am sure we will see loss of capital, however, not in same amounts as in Mintos.

EstateGuru’s statistics on all historical loans by their amount by Nov 2020

Viventor’s status update on Atlantis Financiers

Recently I received a message about status on Atlantis Financiers. This is the biggest outstanding loan originator in Viventor platform.

Extensions from Atlantis Financiers and new financial instrument for invoice financing as revolving credit line

Atlantis Financiers are actively involved in the restructuring of their business. As part of this process we are creating a new investment product, wherein investors will receive a longer term security for their investment. This security will then pay out regular interest payments, but the principal itself will mature after a longer period of time – we envisage around a year. This will ensure that investors who have invested in Atlantis loans do not lose any money, but instead gain a longer term investment.

Part of Viventor’s letter regards Atlantis Financiers

They broke the silence with a plan. Let us now wait and see the plan in action.

Reinvest24 – secondary market live

Got the message that Reinvest24 launched the secondary market which is great news. Finally, investors of the platform will have opportunity to buy and sell investment shares.

One can get familiar with the market via their published guide.


We learn by experience. Hopefully we do not repeat same things hoping for better results and particularly – better returns.

Be it work change or adding a new platform to your investment portfolio, personal – first hand experience is the foundation for driving our future decisions. Regards crowdlending – my experiences made me even more risk averse.

Eagerly looking forward to next month. Thank you all for reading this update and keep yourself safe out there.

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