Summary of returns November 2020

Time between Christmas and New Year has come faster then anticipated. With a grateful feeling I can present the returns for November 2020.

The total income would have not been the same without trust of readers and that is something which I am truly thankful.

November 2020 yielded 4.97 EUR and I with more investments in EstateGuru this figure should grow in 2021.

Summary short before 2021

For me the 2020 and crowdlending marked two main things.

  1. Reducing investments in all crowdlending platforms which I had invested previously (Mintos, Viventor, Twino, Crowdestate).
  2. Increasing investments in crowdlending first rank real-estate backed loans – namely EstateGuru.

As it would not be enough with several platform write-offs many of us had to make in 2020. We all saw the reality of chain reaction what COVID-19 made towards borrowers’ ability to pay back.

Vaccines are on the way and hopefully by the second half of the year we will all be able to travel with restrictions being lifted.

Furthermore no matter where you are I hope you will have a good time with loved ones on the new year’s eve and together you will share some good memories about 2020.

Happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


    1. Hi Lukas, for the most part it comes on expense from advertisements, i.e., Google Ads expenses.

      What plans do you have for the new year regards niche sites in 2021? Any conclusions from your pilot project?

      1. Thanks for asking!

        Well, I have not yet made any money out of the new niche site project. But one thing I know for sure that I will have to write A LOT of more content, perhaps even start a YT channel for the niche site as it will most probably help out a lot with the currrent niche.

        But simple things first, the easiest way to earn any kind of money is by writing good content. I’ll start with that.

        1. Sounds like a plan – you will definitely not run out of things to do in 2021!

          Along the road it should be fun as well. BTW is the niche interesting for you personally?

          1. YES! I love, live and breath the niche I am writing about. The only problem is that I am not a very good copywriter. If I would be a good writer, I’d have tons of content out there.
            In the past, I’ve hired a writers to write some content for me and they’ve done a good job, but I wish I could write my own content.

          2. This is the best scenario one could imagine!

            Enjoying the journey while its happening! This will continuously give you the drive and readers will appreciate that.

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