About me

How do you do!

My name is Janis, and I have a dream of earning money by doing what I love. 


I am 35 years old, happily married and live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My health situation has forced me out of work environment (for now getting back there slowly) but has given me plenty of time to think about what are alternatives to earn a living in this beautiful world.

I plan to post my experience of investments without any bias and keep it as objective as possible. If there will be negative figures (no doubt) you will see them. I am an honest person and hope to hear from you if you find something which does not add up or looks odd.

Currently, I do not have a lot of income and investment options are rather limited, however, there are some in this market, especially lately, supported by smart IT platforms. Those are the ones that I am keen on looking at.

Feel free to contact me with anything you have on mind.

Feel free to shoot a message