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  • Sterling – September 2019 – European P2P lending portfolio update
    Hello fellow investors and welcome to another monthly update from your favourite P2P blogger! The portfolio snapshot this month looks like this:   As you can see, September was a lower than average month for my P2P portfolio with only €9,889 of profit. This lower profit can be directly attributed… Read more »
  • Which P2P Lending Marketplaces in Europe Accept American Investors?
    5 European p2p lending marketplaces that accept US residents and or US companies as investors Read more »
  • How to retire early in Switzerland?
    Many people want to retire early! The Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) movement is taking in a lot of momentum. But, few people want to retire early in Switzerland. So, is it even possible to retire early in Switzerland? I believe it is possible to retire early in Switzerland.… Read more »
  • Cyber Security Risks in P2P Lending: What investors should look out for
    The first thing an investor in P2P lending and other types of crowdinvesting must do before investing on a P2P platform is to get an overview of the risks involved and check if the platform is trustworthy. This is a process that may entail many different parts, like looking at… Read more »
  • Why I Don’t Care About Income and Net Worth Reports
    When searching for articles about investment and making money, you will surely come across many bloggers who publish their monthly income reports or also post net worth reports. I would recommend that you don’t pay too much attention to those numbers. I personally don’t care much about them. While I’m… Read more »
  • CrowdProperty CEO Mike Bristow explains why his site is doing well, where others have failed
    CrowdProperty has an excellent track record so far, with a focus on strong real estate expertise A few months ago we were contacted by Mike Bristow, CEO of British P2P investment site CrowdProperty. He wasn’t happy with us. Why? He felt that we had not been giving his site as… Read more »
  • Which best describes the difference between stocks and bonds?
    Stocks and bonds have been some very popular investment opportunities for a long time and in this article, I uncover the question: Which best describes the difference between stocks and bonds?   Let’s look into it Table of contens They key difference Which one is safer as an investor? The… Read more »
  • I Planned To Be Financially Independent At Age 30 – I Didn’t Make It
    Since I was a kid, I have told my mom I don’t want to work for the rest of my life. I think it was because my granddad told me on his deathbed that he regretted having worked too much. Somehow that has always stuck with me. When I was… Read more »
  • My Journey in the Stock Market – Part 2
    Welcome to the second chapter of my journey in the Stock Market. As a quick recap of my previous post, we are in February 2019. I have just been through my first significant downturn of the market, and I have not enjoyed it much. Between October and December 2018, the… Read more »
  • Big cities in Finland are growing even as the countryside empties – at least we pay our mortgages (unlike the Swedes)
    Finland’s capital city Helsinki attracts more than just tourists. Don’t get me wrong: tourists are great and without them, we would not have anyone to brag to about Finnish sauna or our achievements in ice hockey. Jokes aside. The metropolitan area of Helsinki, which includes Espoo and Vantaa, has around… Read more »
  • Can You Withdraw Money from 2Checkout to TransferWise Borderless?
    Many online businesses use 2Checkout to collect payments for their products, as an alternative to PayPal or other payment gateways. If you’re one of the many online businesses that sells in USD but has its local bank accounts in another currency (such as Euro) you will be losing money every… Read more »
  • How to Buy Properties, Cars and Other Assets at a Discount in Spain via Bank Auctions
    In Spain, there are thousands of properties that have been seized by the bank due to the bankruptcy of the developers or other problems that have led to loan payments to the bank being jeopardized. Most of these repossessions happened during the crisis of 2008 when the housing bubble burst.… Read more »
  • Second year of blogging – The Poor Swiss is two years old in 2019!
    The Poor Swiss just turned two years old! I cannot believe it has already been two years since I started this blog! I have learned a lot of things this second year of blogging. And even though not everything went well, I think the blog is much better than it… Read more »
  • Top 20 P2P Lending Portfolios
    Sterling • P2P Millionaire P2P Portfolio Size: Over 1 Million Euro Location – Asia (Expat from UK) Language – English Number of Platforms – 26 Main Platforms: Mintos, IUVO, Lenndy The Beginning – October 2018 Visit Portfolio Mark • Obvious Investor P2P Portfolio Size: Over 200k GBP & over 40k… Read more »
  • Why is personal finance important?
    Understanding “Why is personal finance important?” can bring you closer to a life with more wealth, balance, and happiness. It’s essential to understand because it’s a myth that you need to be a high-income earner to reach financial independence. The truth is that earning a high income can make you… Read more »
  • Fantastic news for Financial Nordic: From now on I’ll get paid for blogging!
    I will start creating content about business and investing in Nordic countries If you have followed my twitter account, you might have noticed that I’ve received a couple of collaboration requests lately. One request was very interesting. I got approached by a startup and I got offered to create content… Read more »
  • October 2019 Update: Passive income grew to 1,892€
    Highlights from past month: Passive income increased to 1,892 € New sustainable investment platform Sun Exchange Stocks are still taking a beating, but that's O.K! For those who are new, hi! I'm Eelis! I'm glad you're here!I will be financially independent. I almost feel like I already am. You don't… Read more »
  • How to Choose Travel Insurance
    When you’re going abroad, it is of utmost importance to set up yourself with good travel insurance. By travel insurance, we usually mean insurance that will cover your emergency health needs such as hospitalization, ambulance costs and transportation back to your country if needed. Such travel insurance will also include… Read more »
  • 8 Good Habits of Financially Successful People
    To become more successful with our money, we can copy what financially successful people are doing! We should see the most important money habits and traits that they have. Once we know that, we can imitate them and improve our finances. I am going to talk about the most essential… Read more »
  • Master’s Thesis: Climbing My Mount Everest
    The time has come! The final year of my Uni studies is here which basically means that I should start writing my Master’s Thesis if I want to graduate early (And of course I want because then I don’t have to pay my student loan fully). I have completed all… Read more »

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